Principal's Message

To those who see with loving eyes, life is beautiful. To those who speak with tender voices , life is peaceful. To those who help with gentle hands and to those who care with compassionate hearts, life is good beyond all measures.

St.Mary’s believes in joyful experiential learning system wherein each child is encouraged to participate wholeheartedly. The impressionable minds of the children at school are the most tender and yet demand a logic. The intelligence level of children now a days is extra ordinary , thanks to the awareness level of young parents.

We foster a positive spirit and believe in partnership between students , parents, teachers and support staff striving to create a milieu that sustains excellence. Our distinction lies in the pursuit of high academic attainment through support , encouragement , praise and motivation.

Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers , motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations. Open mindedness, a multicultural orientation, independence, a global outlook , multiple intelligences and abilities – these are the premium qualities needed today . As a 21st century organization , the school, desires to set an approach to learning that incorporates inquiry , research, analytical thinking and an ethical approach that becomes a life time habit . The students are helped to focus on confidence building , while nurturing a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility through academic and co-curricular activities as we believe like Paul Bear Bryant ,” It is not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference”.

I strongly believe that education is a collaborative effort that involves professional administrators. We dedicate ourselves as professionals in creating a dynamic education programme empowering the students in a global perspective.

We are a group of diverse experiences and outlooks , committed to excellence in preparing learners for enriched opportunities worldwide. God the Almighty we cling to your saving power and light the path for our children to accomplish our school motto “ For God and Country”.

Sr. Tesvin S.D.