Children must be thoroughly fit if they are to drive the maximum benefit from the education and life of the school.

Special interest is taken in the development and welfare of each child. The diet is constantly inspected and revised. The boarding diet has been drawn up by expert as full and adequate and does not normally require to be supplemented. Every child is given milk, butter, egg and fruit daily. No extra diet will be catered for.

The boarding has a qualified and experienced General Nurse as a staff member. Cases of minor ailment are cared for in the boarding infirmary while cases requiring hospital care are referred to the local Cantonment Hospital, Kasauli.

Children suffering from Epilepsy, Diabetes, Heart disease and any contagious disease will not be admitted. Children who are mentally backward or subject to some serious infirmity will not be given admission.

Parent are advised to inform the hostel in – charge if your ward is suffering from any Physical and psychological problem.

The medicines, medical certificate, reports, prescriptions, etc. are to be handed over to the sister in – charge.

BED WETTERS are not accepted. Parents will be requested to withdraw the child if she is founded wetting the bed.